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Havelock Charity Run

June 1, 2019 - 7:30am
6145 Havelock Avenue, Lincoln, NE, 68507
Fun Run / Race
Organization Info: 
Lincoln Track Club, 546 Lakeside Dr, Lincoln, NE, 68528


The Lincoln Track Club and Pinnacle Bank are proud to present the original charity run - the  Annual Havelock Charity Run. Runners may enter either the 10K or 3K races, both of which start in front of Pinnacle Bank at 6145 Havelock Avenue in historic, downtown Havelock. Both races finish in Havelock Park where the festivities will  continue with fruit, bagels and drinks for all to enjoy. All early entrants will receive a T-shirt and a prize.

Either race may be entered individually or as a part of a 4-7 person team. If you run as a team, you will designate a charity (from the list provided) and if four or more of your members finish the race, Pinnacle Bank will donate $75 to your charity. If your team runs faster than your race's Pinnacle Bank Team (comprised of bank employees), $100 will be donated to your charity by Pinnacle Bank. Thanks Pinnacle Bank for your generous support of the Lincoln running community and local charities!

*This year we will also be giving out stickers for team members to wear on their backs during the race that identify which charity they are running for!

To learn more about and/or register for the event, visit the Havelock Charity Run website.

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